Small Rose Quartz Pieces - Raw

Small Rose Quartz Pieces - Raw


Rose Quartz is a stone of universal love.  Known for it's connection to the Heart Chakra, it allows oneself to connect ourslves to aspects including self love, faith & trust in relationships, a deeper inner healing as well as an overall sense of piece.


Rose Quartz is a powerful stone when it comes to relationships, but platonic and romantic.  This gives the opportunity to build deeper, and more meaningful relationships with those around us.  It's soft, gentle energy is perfect for anyone looking to replace negativity with a newfound sense of peace.


Sold by the Oz, these small pieces range slightly in size between .5" - 1" making them perfect for small spaces, pouches, altars, crystal grids or any other use you may have in mind!  You receive 5-7 pieces per bag.

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