Protection Mini Ritual Vial

Protection Mini Ritual Vial


Protection, whether spiritual or energetic is something we all desire; whether it be a bad energetic space, tough boss, nightmares or many other situations.


Our Protection Ritual Vial is the perfect grab and go accessory to use for aiding in protection and banishment, and increasing your spiritual/energetic safety at work, while doing divination, during magical workings or any other occasion you feel you may need a boost.


The perfect size to keep by your bed, on an altar, in your car or even on your work desk!  We did all the work for you!  Our hand picked blend of oils, herbs and other powerful properties are blessed and sealed, so it is up to you on how to utilize this incredible tool!


These vials are hand crafted to absorb and hold all of the negative energies in your personal space, allowing you to feel more protected as you traverse each day & night.


With a quick cleanse either by your favorite method, or by allowing it to sit in sunlight for 20-30 minutes every few days, this Protection Ritual Vial is easy to keep working like new!

  • Return Policy

    Due to Covid-19, and the intimate contact with our products, we are no longer accepting returns of products once delivered.  Refunds are given on a case by case basis, so please reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Care Instructions

    This Vial is previously sealed and not intended to be opened for any reason.  Use as is, for a stress free & easy addition to your day.