Freeform Aura Quartz Druzy Cluster
  • Freeform Aura Quartz Druzy Cluster


    These Quartz Druzy Crystals are the perfect addition to help raise your aura & vibrations, with each color offering a unique, yet powerful property.  Each freeform cluster will have it's own unique shape, and slightly varying size, making them a wonderful addition to you crystal collection!  They also make stunning additions to handmade jewelry.


    Rainbow Aura - Able to help provide balance to all types of energies, allowing ultimate harmony to come more freely to you.


    Titanium Aura - Able to help connect more easily to source, being considered a crystal of universal light.  This crystal may also help raise your overall vibrations.


    Champagne Aura - Able to help spiritual idea's into a physical practice, allow oneself to more easily trust their gifts & instincts, as well as help in resolution of conflicts or negotiations in tough situations.


    Cobalt Aura - Able to help one a sense of discontent, restlessness & to allow a deeper apprecition for special moments of joy throughout life.  May also aid in allowing self-expression.


    Bronze Aura - Able to help one go into deeper meditations, while providing a truer sense of serenity & peace.  May also help connect to the Angelic Realms, and aid in connection to Source.


    Black Aura - Able to help provide a powerful cleansing, and energising vibation for both you and your space.  May also help one ground their energy more easily.

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