Cosmic Clearing Spray

Cosmic Clearing Spray


Cosmic Clearing Spray is a potent, smokeless cleansing spray that feature's decadent notes of Sage, Pine, Lemon Balm & Balm of Gilead


Our in house blend also features other powerful herbs, roots & resins such as Stinging Nettle and Palo Santo to not only clear out heavy negative energies; it also works to remove stubborn hexes and curses if combined in spell or ritual work!


Cosmic Clearing Spray is a skin safe, and animal friendly option!  We highly reccomend using it to not only enhance your home or work space's energy, but also on yourself!  We love to put a few sprays directly infront, then step through to clear away any negativity we may be experiencing.


Each bottle contains 60ml of our in house blend, and only requires to be used sparingly.

  • Use & Care

    Our Cosmic Clearing Spray is bottled in amber glass to help avoid product breakdown if left out in direct sun exposure.  Store in a cool, dry place, and out of direct sunlight when possible.  All it takes is a few gentle shakes, and you are ready to Spritz away for a better day!

  • Return Policy

    Due to Covid-19, and the intimate contact with our products, we are no longer accepting returns of products once delivered.  Refunds are given on a case by case basis, so please reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns.