We have a stalker (card!) Justice - Haindl Tarot - 12-3-2020

A stalker card already?! Here is Justice once again!

This particular card is focused on the balance we have in life, and how it will benefit us day to day. The Justice card pictured above shows up as a sign that there is something in our life that needs to be reevaluated from an outside perspective to gain more of that balanced view. This could be a relationship, platonic/business/love, or to an object or situation.

With 2020 we are all finding trouble locating that balance in our lives in so many various ways. Being able to see someone else's viewpoint, to take the time to understand an outside opinion, or even process a different way to recognize and deal with a situation will prove to be key for you to manage today, as well as serving as a healthy habit to maintain for life.

The feathers featured on the card also serve as a gentle reminder that, even with balance there are moments in life that we can get caught up in even a gentle wind blowing against us. These are the moments necessary to remind us about how we can, once again choose to look at opportunities such as these in that balanced view.

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