The Magic of Imbolc

Held on February 1st which serves as the halfway point between Winter and Spring, we find ourselves once again approaching Imbolc; which some may know better as Brigid's Day, or Candlemas. A beautiful celebration that serves as a sign for the purification of cold, harsh winters into a fruitful spring.

Some believe that this day is aligned with that lactation of Ewe (female sheep). This also serves as a tie in to the idea of rebirth, and things beginning anew both for Mother Earth, as well as the things we have in our lives. Common practice in modern times is to do a Spring Cleaning, and one of my favorite practices for this is the act of sweeping out the old to allow in the new. I personally enjoy pouring salt onto my floors, and as I sweep, I imagine the negative & unwanted energies being swept out along with the salt. Salt is, after all, a powerful cleansing tool in anyone's kit!

Traditionally, this Pagan holiday was celebrated as a way to reconnect with nature through various means such as creating a doll from soaked corn husk as a representation of Brigid herself to bless the hearth & home. Leaving her by your bed side as you rest on February 1st is common practice, while also providing your "Biddy" a source of food & drink. The day after you may take your Biddy, and gently cradle her in between branches of a fruit tree, or one which creates blossoms. This is believed to help bring fertility and abundance in one's garden and home as Spring approaches.

Others prefer to make Brigid's Cross, traditionally being made from sixteen reeds, or rushes, which are hand weaved into the traditional shape, which I will link below on how to do yourself! If you can't find those items, pipe cleaners are a fun & colorful way to also take part in this practice. These traditionally are hung upon the homes main entrance to provide not only protection, but also safety from disasters such as fire! Here's a link if you want to give this fun activity a try!

If you prefer a more gentle practice, light some white candles. They could be pillars, tea lights, or anything in between. These candles serve as your source of light, as this is also the day recognized as being able to overtake the long, dark nights of Winter. I find that writing a note to ones self, or whispering your goals & intentions into the candle as it burns serves as a beautiful way to release these things into the universe. Practice safety, and never leave a burning candle unattended! Allowing the candle to fully burn is ideal for those choosing this option due to our wishes and desires wanting to be set out without interruption.

These are just a few ideas meant to celebrate a beautiful day, and I hope that whether you choose to practice with friends, family or just yourself, that you find a beautiful moment of peace and joy. Spring is coming after all!

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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