Take A Seat, Karen - The Tower - Haindl Tarot - 12-10-2020

Growing up as a bit of a wild child, I often heard my Grandmother tell me "You have two ears, and one mouth for a reason. Start listening twice as much as you speak!". She was so right, and not just about the literal anatomy.

The Tower is my personal favorite card in any Tarot card deck, and does not deserve the fear it has a long track record for having. For me I can say that I've had the tendency to speak a little too rapidly, without always fully processing and acknowledging other sides of the conversation. That never works out to be something ultimately beneficial in the long run, which applies to every single Spark of Life on this planet. Let's talk about the Hebrew letter, Peh, which is the seventeenth letter.

Peh could not be a more fitting letter to have chosen for this card, specifically due to it's meaning translating to "Mouth". We've talked about Teeth, and their relevancy in the past couple blogs, and I certainly do not believe in luck of chance, so why is the Cosmo's so focused on our verbal communication? Peh serves as a reminder for us to exercise caution when we choose to speak, with or without listening to the full conversation. The words we speak are a vital component in how people perceived us in the past, and how they perceive us now as well as in the future. Your words can be used as a form of acceptance, helping uplift those around you, while giving support, yet on the reverse side, your same mouth can create just as much destruction and pain capable of making those around you suffer. Be conscious with the words you choose to use, especially as we approach the holiday season.

The use of Yr, from the Futhark, is our reminder, that as The Tower, this card is instrumental for us to remain observant to our behaviors, actions and reactions. At times understood as the Death Rune, just like The Tower it is our "in your face" reminder that if we don't make active choices for betterment in our lives, something will ultimately turn destructive. Are you reinforcing your Tower, or are you letting it crumble? How strong can our Tower be if we spend our own time and energy slowly breaking down something meant to keep us safe? Your speech, as mentioned through Peh is a direct tie in to our ability to traverse safely into the new year.

The Tower, our main event! The Tower is a feared, yet truly informative, and constructive card if you can set aside your personal fears, and concerns of failure. This is our reminder that we need to once again redirect the way we invest our time and energy into people, places and things that surround us daily. The phrase "Why put off until tomorrow, what you can do today?". The sooner you handle the situations, the faster you're going to have a solution. Hesitation only furthers your detraction for a more successful future. As you traverse through today, make sure you focus on responding to situations, instead of reacting to those same situations. You'll find the outcome to be much more congruent to your overall goals!

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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