Stupid Like A Fox - Hollow Valley DoS - 1-6-2021

At their best, a fox is elusiveness, clever and well kept in their mannerisms that they understand are learned though previous experiences, actions and situations in life. The expression "Stupid like a fox" stands through the test of time for a reason, and is absolutely a lesson we should find within ourselves.

Their is someone, or something in your life that is playing the role of the fox, and not in ways that are proving to beneficial. The fox is a master, as previously mentioned, at remaining elusive with their actions and intentions, so exercise a bit more caution as your proceed through what may feel like a normal day to day life. Not everyone always has your best interests in mind, especially if it does not prove to serve in their best interests. All that glitters is not gold, so understand that in times when we may feel like we are at our best, we may also be turning a blind eye to people, or situations that can ultimately prove to become detrimental.

Do not let other's find their source of power from what you may temporarily feel is here to help you. Even the fox as they proceed to run through the thicket are not invulnerable to the thorns, and branches that those plants have grown to protect themselves, and only themselves. If you feel someone if playing you for the fool, maybe this is a sign for you to ultimately take on the role of the fox, and have a few tricks up your own sleeve. After all, the best offense is a good defense. You need to protect yourself, and your space in this beautiful cosmos.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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