Self Rumination - Teeth - Hollow Valley DoS - 12-8-2020

They aren't thinking about you half as much as you think they are. They more than likely don't think what you think they do about you in negative ways. Projecting your internal feelings, experiences, and emotions only detracts you from being able to focus on the things about you in your life that truly deserve that time and attention. We all do it, so don't think that you're alone, however if you allow yourself to stay in this frame of mind, it will eventually begin to trickle into other aspects of your life. I know for myself personally, when I get in my own head, that internal dialogue can be soul crushing. Even more so if we allow it to continue long term.

Teeth, our Tarot & Symbol Card for the day is all about ferocity, and essentially baring our teeth whether to ourselves or others. Things are going to happen in our lives, especially during this holiday season, and 2020 being what it was. Everyone is going to be on guard, defensive and ready to bite down on what gets in their way. Remember, much like yourself, they are more than likely just trying to keep themselves safe. Being able to step aside and look at the world around you, finding the small comforts and luxuries you have day to day can be a big part on focusing on more supportive aspects. You don't need to have so many walls up, It's okay to let others in, especially in moments where you may feel stuck in your own head. Self rumination sucks! More often than not we tell ourselves something worse than what someone else would ever ever consider, let alone say out loud. Again, they aren't thinking about you like you probably think they are.

Slow down a little, take a deep breath. Relax your jaw, let your shoulders rest, and take another deep breath. When tensions rise, look at those situations, arguments or whatever it may be from an objective point of view. Explain your truth calmly, and with honesty. That will get you further than reacting with emotional responses. You'll find things will resolve much more smoothly for everyone involved. Get out of your own head. Something I plan to focus on myself today.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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