Reiki - A Gift of Healing From the Cosmos

Updated: Jan 23

Reiki is truly a powerful, divine form of energy healing. Whether you are experiencing the energy healing as a client, or are delivering Reiki as a practitioner, it's ability to help facilitate healing is undeniable. This is such a pure form of cosmic energy, that even with doubt or not understanding how it is beneficial, it will provide each and every soul with what it needs in that moment. We as Reiki Practitioners, no matter the level or path we are on, all understand that it is a smart energy, able to access the parts of our mind, body & spirit that at time we may not even be aware of that need healing. No matter our level, we are all equal on this path, and have chosen to pursue a deeper form of healing for ourselves & others.

As a Reiki Master Teacher myself, I have found that my experiences for myself, as well as others not only aids us in reaching more closely to our greatest and highest good, but also to a deeper connection to the Cosmos, the Divine, God, or whichever higher power you believe in. I was very fortunate to have grown up with a Grandmother, Carolyn Jenkins, a Reiki Master Teacher, who often blessed me with the healing potential throughout my childhood while I was trying to find my own healing space due to multiple chronic pain conditions, and other injuries. Every session she would do for me was undeniably powerful, even through distance. I often experienced a warm sensation, a sense of calm in mind & body, and an ease of pain throughout my day or evenings, especially in the moments where I physically struggled with pain the most.

My mother, Carolyn's daughter, was the second generation in our family to achieve the level of Reiki Master Teacher, who continued to bless me with the healing of Reiki after my Grandmother had passed. Through both seeing, and experiencing how powerful this path is, I myself set out to continue the path of Reiki from that side of my family. Through many trials, tribulations, time and experiences I also found myself to be set onto the path of energy healing in the form of Reiki. I never truly set out to become a Reiki Master Teacher.

I was happy to be able to earn my attunements for both level 1 & 2, yet Spirit had so much in store for me, and if I've learned anything as a Spiritual Medium, it is not to deny what I am being called to do. Having a mother, Christine Frey of Centerpoint Healing Services, who is also as mentioned a Reiki Master Teacher, I ultimately traversed through the path of Reiki Master, and ultimately reaching the level of Reiki Master Teacher. To say I can not find the words to explain the words to describe the enlightenment, and understanding is an understatement. Reiki has truly opened a more powerful, and divine path for not only myself but those who are aligned with me cosmically to be attuned, and help others heal as well.

I encourage everyone to at least experience what a Reiki session is able to do in facilitating healing. If there ever is a form of self care, giving yourself the opportunity to open up to energy healing from the divine is one of the greatest ways for you to do this. Allowing yourself to open up, clear blockages and remove the things in life that do not, or no longer benefit your greatest and highest good will prove to be one of the greatest choices you can ever make for yourself. You are not alone, nor should you ever feel as if there are no options for you to continue to help facilitate healing. You deserve the opportunity to heal, grow and if you are called to it, help others heal through the power of Reiki.

The Coven of Cosmic Redemption offers both Reiki Sessions, as well as Attunements for those looking to traverse this beautiful path of healing. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about experiencing this for yourself. We are always happy to allow others the same divine experience.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion RMT

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