(R)Evolution - The Tower - Haindl Tarot - 12-22-2020

Our friend, The Tower is back again, and I can not say I am the least bit shocked by this card making another appearance. This year we have all been experiencing has been unlike anything else we have had to live through in our lifetime. This time though, The Tower is our sign to not be wary of the potential disaster to come, because let's be real.. It already came this year, however today serves the role of reminding us to work on ourselves so we can progress further in Mind, Body, and Spirit. A revolution for ourselves of sorts.

Lightning is such a fitting symbol to be used pretty commonly throughout most Tarot Decks, typically seen as a higher power striking those who have long continued unbeneficial practices in their lives. Take the opportunity today to re-evaluate some of the things you've created this year, both good and bad. You may just be shocked at how much more you spend time focusing on all the things you did wrong, or that just did not go right for you, but what about the things that you DID do well? I bet you're probably less focused on those thoughts, which is exactly where you should be sending your own mind to. Don't discredit yourself, or your actions, they all serve a higher purpose that can only benefit you if you are able to look at them from a constructive state of mind.

If you find yourself stuck in an unhealthy, or unbeneficial cycle try to spend some time seeing what may be causing you to stick to that habit, or pattern. Sometimes we all have moments where we struggle to see our own trajectory, so being able to reach out to an outside trusted friend, family member or anyone similar can prove to be crucial in helping you breakdown and digest how things are going. The Tower after all is not just destruction, and certainly serves as a reminder for us that we all at times need to have the personal revolution for our evolution.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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