Pusillanimity & Judgement - White Witch Tarot - 1-7-2021

Judgement is the perfect card to deliver a message that we all need to continue to find an understanding in. Judgement is traditionally a card to represent absolution, ultimatums & our calling to a having lived completeness in an aspect of our life; whatever the case may be. However, Spirit would like this cards focus to be more so on the pusillanimity that we have in our lives.

Pusillanimity is the lack of courage, or determination in one's actions as they traverse through situations that affect not only themselves, but the rest of the cosmic souls also living on this Earth. We all at times have a focus on the things that occur in our lives including religion, politics, class status, sexuality; those concepts really are just the tip of the iceberg. What happens when you actually dig down deep into those situations though?

There is a difference in how may react to these situations, the pusillanimous actions become more present. Yet, when we are able to respond & find the ability inside ourselves to find that courage and action, we will also find that as a whole; judgement is less based on assumptions, and more about who we are as individual people at our core.

Judgement is not something we can escape in our time here, however the way we pass judgement is something we will always have control of. What is it about said person, group, place, or thing that gives you the inherent feeling to pass such thoughts with such a degree of timidity? What is it inside of you that lets you give yourself permission to pass a judgement on someone else who may be experiencing different, yet just as powerful situations in their life good or bad?

That passivity is exactly where we all, including myself, need to delve into more deeply to find the understanding as to why we are so comfortable with those notions passed, sometimes without a second thought onto others who are undeserving of a reaction like that. What is it about them that we find a reason within ourselves to so comfortably pass that judgement?

It takes true strength to be able to overlook the differences in between every single person that we come across in our life. It requires unselfish thoughts to surpass our judgements of others & it requires us to look more deeply within ourselves to understand why we chose to pass that judgement, simply because it may not be who we think, or want them to be. Use courage, and understanding so you can build more true connections with others, because they may end up being that one person to help you later on in your life.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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