Pushing Past Pessimism - Haindl Tarot - 1-4-2021

Well, I guess all I can say is welcome to 2021. Normally, I'd say same shit different year, however that just ends up becoming an excuse for those of use who don't actively chase down our goals, ambitions & hopes for a better year ahead.

The Chariot, alongside the Ace of Wands in the East (Reversed) has a very clear cut, and divine message for us all to pay attention to. Fear is a big message we all can find some sort of semblance in as we ambitiously traverse through the waters of January. As we know, The Chariot is a message that we must not take heed to the barriers in front of us, but instead find a way to break those walls, or as the Hebrew letter Cheth tells us, fences built up to contain us. The Hagall rune can be literally translated to Hailstone. If something is no longer serving you this year, break it down. We will get back to this in the next few paragraphs.

We can never fully predict the future, even the best of us are still, to a degree, incapable of total accuracy with all the variables we have in day to day life. The Ace of Wands in the East is a direct sign that if we desire to succeed, we must fully acknowledge all of our perceptions, more so our potential pessimism. We can not have the light without the dark & vice versa. Being able to see the balance presented to us is our key to unlocking a sustainable future for ourselves. The card itself depicts the "lingam" and the "yoni", male and female, good & evil, the balance of life.

The Chariot together with the Ace of Wands of the East (Reversed) is a direct sign that in order for us to be able to charge ahead, it is necessary to acknowledge the good and bad in our situations. The wheels on The Chariot spinning in the water are ultimately propelling it constantly forward, yet the above beast, half wolf/half boar, the wild, unnameable, the fear of what we can't control lingers. Maintain your focus, pull scattered thoughts back into place, even when they seem to be a hinderance. Ultimately it is our control over our thoughts that allow us to see the gap in the fence, which will eventually allow us to find a way to squeeze through, and move past that obstacle. Take note of the red tone on the boat featured on The Chariot card, as well as the flames bursting from the wand/spear. That red color is the color of passion and desire. Use those as a focus for you to move forward and find the progress you deserve to have for yourself.

The greatest obstacle toward you moving forward is yourself, your perception and whether or not you can recognize the opportunities in every situation life is presenting us with, no matter how beneficial, or detrimental they may seem. You are a divine cosmic source of power, do not let that light fade in the darkness. You are already absolutely everything that you need to make each day, week, month and this year yours!

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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