Power In Truth - Haindl Tarot - 1-5-2021

People often find comfort in the distortion of power and control over others. That power could stem from self-exertion, religion or faith, misunderstandings, financial or control in business; among so many other potential variants in our Cosmos. The way we use that power is what dictates our true inner strength, potential and power as human beings.

The way we follow through with of our thoughts, words & actions are all notions of who we are, and how comfortable we are with ourselves as whole. Are you actually in control, and using your power in ways that are beneficial, or are you being detrimental to others to add temporary enhancements into your own life?

The Two of Wands is a card that explains to us just how we can sit with ourselves, and find the balance in between a grounded sense of power, alongside spiritual truth & strong will. Those who feel forced to exert themselves, and their opinions onto others are often hurting, ashamed or unable to deal with truths within themselves in whatever context. If we take note of the two crossed spears, we will understand they are representative of both power and pacification. The equal balance of both, no matter the situation. Let's also not ignore the symbolism of the ruined church seen into the background, that then leads unto a staircase.

The ruined church is a symbol for our understanding that we as people, no matter our background, faith, orientation or anything else in life can not serve as an excuse for us to misuse our power as human beings. Strong will only exhibits a human's strength in their own understanding as to who they are, not who they can control, or pacify, or vice versa. I find RuPaul said it best when it comes to the power or thoughts of others over our own dominion. "What somebody else thinks of me is none of my damn business.". Do not give them the power. They do not deserve to have that control over you, nor do you deserve to let anyone have that amount of power over you.

The dog that barks the loudest is the most fearful, and what I mean by that is those who feel they need to exert what they can control, only shows how weak or insecure with what they have no power on dominion over. You are, at your core, the true owner of your own power. Nobody is deserving of taking, or inhibiting that from you. Let your soul be the power that shine's from within you, and do not let others who may be intimidated by you ever have that dominion over you ever again.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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