Perfection, Balance & New Life - Four of Wands - Haindl Tarot 12-7-2020

What have you been working on that hasn't quite yet come into fruition? Take some time to remind yourself today, and each day after that you are further than you were yesterday. Every step you're making, no matter how small, is helping move you forward to your ultimate goal. The experiences you're having should start becoming, or at the very least looked upon as an exciting journey. It's all about finding the balance between your short & long term goals now. You've completed so much already, so why stop now.

There's a nice harmony with the spears, equally pointing up and down on the Four of Wands, which in this case gives me the sense that there will ultimately be some sort of homecoming, whether a person, material objects, success and culmination in business etc. If you take a second to give yourself permission to relax, and appreciate all your hard work, you will find a new sense of harmony with the actions and the way your days will begin to flow. That alone is certainly tougher to do sometimes than it sounds, so if you don't get to that space just keep practicing. Starting with mindfulness about your choices made day to day can be a great way to start out for that.

The Four of Wands also serves as a reminder for us that there may be opportunities coming up and presenting themselves to us that have the potential to need fast action to be fully taken advantage of. These fleeting moments could be just that thing you've been looking for when it comes to progress, answers and solutions for your current endeavour. Don't look to hard for these though, as they may pass by as a seemingly ordinary moment, which we both know is not something anyone wants to happen. Use that Spark of Life that has gotten you this far, and keep letting it shine on everything you do. You will find your truest opportunities that way.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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