New Perspectives - Aeon - Haindl Tarot 12-9-2020

The Coven of Cosmic Redemption is working with the Haindl Tarot today. We want to talk about the Hebrew, and Futhark before we got onto today's main image on the card.

In the upper left hand corner we see the 21st letter in the Hebrew alphabet, Shin. One definition of Shin is Teeth. If you read yesterday's blog you'll see the connection! When we use our teeth, normally it's to break down what we're eating. Take that notion and apply it to your actions today, than use awareness to see how it impacts those moments and if there is a change. Mull over certain situations before immediately responding, take your time so you can fully digest situations that may arise today. Taking a step back, and trying to see it from another's perspective can also be a great way to help understand those situations today as well.

Now let's look at Peorth, in the upper right hand corner, from the Elder Futhark. Peorth is a message of Destiny in this case. Moments and situations in our life that we can't control, no matter the cause. The way we perceive the situations that happen to us, whether good or bad, has a direct impact on our responses, and the way we handle our use of Free Will. If someone lends a helping hand, don't be so quick to turn them down. Some have caught onto the secrets in life quicker than others, a little advice, or guidance never hurts.

Now, let's talk about Aeon, the 20th card in the Major Arcana. This is a card about renewal, and the perceptions you have about current and future circumstances in your life. Where are you focusing your thoughts? On the green hills, and white mountains on the left, or the shadowy, darkened volcano on the right hand side of the card? Being objective about some situations that may have you feeling stuck can be a revolutionary process for you to help further yourself, and even potentially others around you in your life. This card is a sign for a sense of renewal, and rebirth, so fret not. The Cosmos has you back, all you have to do is ask for the help!

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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