New Beginnings - Ace of Cups - Rider Waite - 1-8-2021

What is one wonderful moment, or situation occurring in your life right now?

Life is full of abundance, and so are we as cosmic beings. Being able to recognize the things in life we have an abundance of is not as always as easy as it sounds. We have hit times of turmoil in the beginning of 2021, and yet there are so many opportunities we can choose to redirect some of our focus onto, to help regain some of that beauty in our lives individually and as a community. While we may not see eye to eye with each decision people make, and we are not going to justify certain types of actions, we can still choose to uphold a sense of direct communication for us to find that understanding we are all seeking out at times.

At it's core we do not know what the other persons experiences that have led them to that moment in time, nor do we always recognize how misunderstandings may have also led us to that same moment. Let these times that we do not understand serve as a sign for us to help create a new beginning and that is exactly what the Ace of Cups is here to tell us today. When we are able to nourish these new beginnings we will find fruition and nourishment more easily for ourselves. It allows us to find some emotional healing in the most trying of times, instead of expensing energy into situations that may prove to be detrimental to our own & others emotional well being, which only fuels an unhealthy cycle of an eye for an eye.

We can all also recognize that there are also time's where we seek out help from the divine, the cosmos, or whatever your personal faith provides you guidance with. The white dove is pictured on the card ascending from above with a wafer held into it's beak as it prepares to dive into the Ace of Cups, to show you that new beginning. Do not fret when asking for help from a higher source. They can see, and understand what we are experiencing in ways that we may be blind to at that time, while also providing us solutions we were not able to recognize at the time. Make room for yourself to accept and take these signs so you can prosper and develop beyond what may be holding us back in the past.

You have access to the abundance in life, so choose to seek those beautiful moments out. Let old habits remain in the past, move on from those who prove to be detrimental to you & understand that sometimes it's okay to say no. Do not be stingy with the self love and beneficial choices & the actions you can make for yourself, because at your core; you deserve that and so much more.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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