Manifestation vs Being a Brat - The Magician - Rider-Waite - 12-30-2020

In the words of Tay Money - "I do what I want, like a fuckin' brat". Now, normally people only commune this word toward others who are acting in what is typically poor childlike behavior, and yet I can sit here and recall quite a few times, at least in my personal life where I've been called this simply because I'm fortunate to have access to the things that I want in my life. Let's not confuse that with lack of action or effort, especially due to the amount of conscious effort that goes into making these things happen.

Manifestation can be amazing, and just like The Magician who is depicted with the symbols of the four suits in the Minor Arcana in Tarot, he recognizes and understands that what he has is readily available for his disposal. His power is infinite, as noted from the Cosmic Lemniscate that is above his head. He knows all that he can do is already at his grasp, but it is up to him how he chooses to use them.

The Magician carefully holds a wand upwards toward the cosmos, the universe, the divine, while his other arm is lowered toward the garden of white lilies & red roses beneath him. He is consciously manifesting the things in his life that he wants into a physical reality. Does this imply that he himself is also a brat because he knows how to get what he wants, or is this more of his ability to fulfill his desires to add betterment into his life? The emotion displayed on his face, or lack thereof is a hint that he's conscious of what he is after, that which aids in growth, development and his opportunity to harness his desires, whether material, spiritual or emotional.

Knowing what you want and chasing it until it is tangible is absolutely manifestation, yet perspective is the deciding factor on how yourself, and others are able to understand and recognize why you do what you do. Let's not forget manifestation is not just creating only what is designed to serve your greatest & highest good. You can equally manifest things that can prove to be toxic & beneficial just as easily, which once again can be taken several ways all correlating to your decision on reacting, or responding to such prospects.

Just because something is accessible, or there are certain means to aid in your manifesting them also does not imply that they are meant for you. You can fully use manipulative tactics to acquire what you want, but that absolutely makes you a brat in the negative connotation. If you use money, power, goods or services rendered, or anything else you or someone else may have, then you should probably re-evaluate how important that certain thing may be that you are after. Is it worth you investing time & energy in such ways, or will it ultimately create barriers further along your path that ultimately hinder you from growing and developing as a cosmic soul.

Being able to recognize, and seize the opportunities that you yourself have set in motion is not being "bratty" by modern definition. Understanding that most opportunities do not wait around for you to finally realize, or come to terms with whatever it may be is a sign that you recognize the potential of something that has become present in your life. If you deserve it, even if you just want it; outside of toxic traits intervening, chase it.

Not everyone understands and recognizes their moments that are present to them, or have the ability to make what they desire to manifest. Take a moment to sit and reflect on why someone may consider you a brat, and if that extends from their own insecurities & jealousy. You can only access the things you allow yourself to have after all. Just exercise caution when you do go about chasing whatever it may be, because ultimately the difference between being a what most consider manifestation vs being a brat comes down to how you manipulate the environment and people around you, both good and bad.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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