Mandragora & Animism - 1/20/2021

“As all things come from and are imbued with the quintessence of Spirit, all things are holy and alive in their own right—and anything that has a physical existence contains within it a unique personality, energy, and expression of Spirit.”

Mat Auryn, Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation

There is a lot that we can take away from the aspects of animism found throughout many cultural practices worldwide. The belief that everything contains a living spirit, or a soul is not new, nor is it divisive. Instead, it grants us the opportunity for us to continue to reflect on our aspects as human beings, and the things we choose to attribute to ourselves. The trees, rivers, pebbles, even the grass and dirt we all walk upon have many lessons about unity, and in times like we are living today, that is indeed something we need to be reminded of.

Unity is the way the rivers flow to nourish the soil set along it's banks, the way the soil gives the grass & trees a home to grow, the insects and animals all of whom coinhabit those same trees, and soil. They do not choose to extract one another out of their role, yet find the ways they can deliver purpose to what aids in their existence, and what they can aid another's existence with. Animism is a thought, much like the Mandragora, often thought to carry a resemblance of human's, is here to tell us to find what ways we also can aid in another's existence. Our bodies are divine, and yet we as a species choose to be divisive.

At what point does it become crucial to our ability to have a happy existence in this world, for us to look past opinions and differences? Intolerance only allows us to focus on which ways we are not alike. It's those choices that continue to build walls between those who are more alike than some may ever have the chance to realize. Be kind, and choose to experience the purpose of the soul in everything, because everything does in fact exist in ways we may never fully understand as a spirit. The true potential of every soul in our cosmos exists in pure forms, do not dilute your divinity. Act in the ways the Mandragora grows. It's roots only run deep through the passage of time, it does not force the process. Understand that healing takes time, and that you deserve to heal, as well as help others heal. Cosmic unity is our divine purpose, and it is up to you to be conscious in your efforts to become one with all the souls around us.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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