Maintaining Your Self & Privacy Shell - Hollow Valley Deck - 12-4-2020

How are you maintaining yourself? We spoke briefly about how you invest your time and energy previously, however that does not necessarily include the time and energy you invest in yourself. In such a vitriolic year, being able to regress from our social media, turning off the news, essentially anything that serves to us as a distraction are things we should all be spending time away from. The ennui going around is absolutely something I feel most of us can recognize either in ourselves, or within others serves as another aspect that we should also be conscious and aware of. Ennui is the feeling of listlessness, or lack of occupation or excitement, and with 2020 you are far from the only one potentially experiencing this.

Shell is all about our ability to reconnect with our inner selves, and the ability to reprise our Joie de Vivre. Where is your safe space when you close your eyes? Being able to invest the time to ground, and center yourself, as well as your energy is absolutely crucial to being able to maintain our best selves. Spend a few minutes each day doing a meditation, focus on the breaths you take in as you go through your motions, and recognize how you are processing what is going on around you. Your shell does not mean reclusivity, rather it's focus is on being able to nurture ones self, so they can further nurture others in a more significant manner.

When we spend the time to engage ourselves, we find that the ability and range of support grows exponentially. When you are able to find this safe space, wherever that may be, you'll find the strength to push through the situations in your life that may have seen impermeable in the past. Finding your inner-strength is a beautiful and deeply healing form of self-care that can only ever serve you the best things you already deserve in life.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion.

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