Lupercalia - The Original Valentine's Day

We all know the now infamous holiday of Valentine's Day, however what many may not know is the origins of that day, and what it's original designation was. Before Pope Gelasius dedicated February 14th in honor of St. Valentines, the romans celebrated Lupercalia; a day focused on

It's often believed that the origin's, and events that took place are subject to conjecture, due to the lack of solidified proof on what actually happened. One of the most people theories was it's celebration as a day for fertility, in which the Luperci would sacrifice both a Goat, and a Dog. The blood of the animals would then be anointed onto two runners, typically believed to be related to both Romulus and Remus. Once anointed, they would skin the animals to create thongs, which were then used to whip any woman who came into a close proximity to them. This practice was said to have created any woman who had been whipped to become fertile.

Lupercalia was also the day Caeser was offered a crown, in which he continually rejected. While some scholars believe this was a staged attempt held by Caeser with a goal to grasp an understanding if Rome would accept him as king, others feel it was a task set out alone by Mark Antony to humiliate him. Caeser was said to have the Diadem that he was offered to be sent to the Temple of Jupiter, as it was believed Jupiter was Rome's one and only true king. Least we forget that Caeser was assassinated only a month later so.. Fair to say it wasn't quite the outcome he was seeking.

Pope Gelasius I was noted to be the one to change Lupercalia, which did originally survive Christianity, however he is responsible for changing the Date from February 15th, to the 14th, and choosing said day to honor St. Valentines, and his martyrdom. It's also noted it was not to include a celebration originally found in Lupercalia, however the combination of the Pagan holiday, blending into Valentine's Day, was their way of upholding a day of fertility and love. The major differences at this point only changed by including a more clothed ritual, while still including the typical drunken habit's of those partaking.

Whatever you choose to do for Lupercalia, or Valentine's Day; choose to give love to yourself and others. Enjoy even if you are celebrating alone. Self love is critical to our overall well being. Eat that chocolate, drink your favorite wine, and remember you are divine.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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