Long Term Sustainability - Seven of Pentacles - Spirit Tarot Deck

We talked about planning ahead in a previous post, but that doesn't always mean we are focused on having those long term plans being sustainable. Long term sustainability is the key to maintaining your plans for the future, which means, once again investing our time, energy and finances if applicable to the situations presented to you.

One major goal I find people struggle with in creating the long term sustainability for their next year comes down to perseverance and the will power you intend to put into your future. Being able to look outside of your perspective, seeing it from another's point of view can be instrumental in allowing you properly process, and breakdown what you may find as a challenge on your current, or future path. These situations could arise from other people, places, business, financial etc.. This is where that perseverance will become your best friend.

Also, remember that it is perfectly okay to ask for help if you feel stuck in the mud. Just like looking at our situations and long term plans from another's perspective, having another Spark of Life assist you can lighten those burdens. Keep in mind this is not about building a codependency, because this will only end up detracting from your ultimatum you have previously set for yourself. One other great bit of help is plan your exit route for whatever path you are creating for yourself. Sometimes the Universe shows us our path we intended to follow is not the path for us. Having the knowledge of how to fix, or end that goal can also be a large piece to you finding the path you are meant for. Invest in yourself in the right ways, and you'll end up soaring to heights you never thought were possible!

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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