Jumping In With Both Feet - Oceana - Messages From Your Angels - 12-20-12

What's occurring in your life that is not proving beneficial, not allowing you to give yourself permission to pursue what you already know you CAN do?

We all have moments of disbelief in ourselves, so where have the seeds of doubt been sown either from both internal and external influences. I know personally, when i have trouble pinpointing where I should focus my attention, as well as my energy can be extremely frustrating alongside the emotional weight it can start creating. Being able to differentiate between what we see as the big picture, and what we can see as a step-by-step process can sometimes be hard to find the separation between the two. Taking a moment to evaluate what may be the most important matters first and foremost can help you on the path to creating the list you haven't been able to draft.

When you give yourself permission to open up to the possibilities of what you already know that you are readily capable of doing, you'll find such a beautiful new lightness both mentally and physically. In a sense, you're giving yourself permission to take charge, and regain the control that you may have felt has been lost. All the second guessing we do, myself included, only proves to be detrimental to our future goals and potential. Take things in small steps. If you continue to to try to tackle the big picture, you'll once again find yourself stuck in the mud per say. If you do find yourself stuck in the mud though at any point, remember you deserve the same kindness you would show to others in a similar situation.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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