Intuition, The Subconscious & Secrets - The High Priestess - White Witch Tarot - 12-11-2020

Are you trusting that feeling we all experience in our lives? That deep, residual gut feeling that something is going on behind the scenes? I hope so! That is your Intuition! Our Intuition is something that can help guide us through so many situations in life, even from what may feel like a fleeting feeling. This is something that some people recognize, and experience more so than others, which is honestly greatly due to their trust and belief in their Intuition. From my understanding, these are moments where Spirit is giving us direct guidance for a situation, while our free will ultimately decides if we choose to accept it or not. You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make him drink. Our subconscious is also a factor in the ways we listen and respond, or react to our Intuition, and the choices we make because of it.

Our Subconscious is a direct tie in to The High Priestess, which talks about an influence over the actions we take on, and how we respond to them. This is partially due to circumstances in the past, which can correlate to how to handle current, and future situations. Especially if we are just learning to trust our Intuition. The subconscious is also one way for our mind, body & spirit to work alongside one another. This benefits us all because even in the best situations, when we feel like we are on top of the world, yet we still have the deep gut feeling, can also be a sign that not everything that is occurring has been brought to light. We all have our own protection methods when we choose not to follow our subconscious, and for some people that may be withholding information, keeping unnecessary secrets, and so much more. Use your Intuition and Discretion to traverse situations today where you feel someone may be holding back.

The High Priestess is a sign that we need to continue trusting that the path we are on, no matter the surrounding circumstances, is here to help guide us to our greatest and highest good. If you work with the divine knowledge you already have through Intuition, watch who you invest time and energy into, as well as keeping an open and honest relationship with those in your life, you will find that the path will be a more succinct and smooth one to traverse. Let yourself grow, and allow people to get to know you. You'll never regret weeding out the one's who don't help water you to grow.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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