Harmony - Ace of Chalices - Klimt Tarot 2-15-2021

Ace of Chalices (Cups) is a beautiful reminder that all your hard work and efforts are paying off, yet at times it may not feel that way. Even though at time's we feel as if we are not being noticed, or underappreciated for our efforts, remain focused. So much has already been overcome. Good things are in fact coming your way!

Note the blooming roses which branch out over the seemingly new lovers featured on this card. The blooms are full of red, the color of passion, and the fullness they have serve as a reminder of prosperity. You are very much on the right track! Also take note of the longing look of contentment that these lovers seem to be gazing upon one another with.

Keep in mind that the cups are normally of relation to emotions, so maintain yourself during these times to keep yourself on track, in whatever venture it is that is being pursued. Love, business, education, health; we are all seeking something. Exercise patience, and don't deny what you have already accomplished. You have come so far, and should be very excited about the new things to come, that once again are going to harmonize with your goals.

As today is Lupercalia, be reminded that even a fresh start could be the potential of all the things you have been working towards. Celebrate the opportunities life has given you, and enjoy the time you can spend today to manifest and aim even further towards the creation of what you desire. Life has so many beautiful things in store for you today, and every day beyond; even when the clouds are gray.

The Golden Tarot of Klimt is a stunning Tarot deck published by Lo Scarabeo, and created by Gustav Klimt. Sitting at a cool $29.95 online & in some stores, it's an affordable and high quality option. One of the favorite features I find about this deck is the beautiful touches of golden embellishments on each card, it is easy to see why this deck becomes so quickly loved by those who are called to it! As one of my more recent additions, I find that I am continually picking this deck up for a multitude of reasons, both personally and professionally as a card reader.

I find this deck very easy to read and find messages in, due to it's eye catching art work,, which features so many situations I find that differ form the traditional reading styles such as the RWS, THOTH and other more popular decks sold on today's market.

The book inside for those who may be new to tarot includes translations in 5 different languages, making it a more unique find, especially for those working with clients who may speak other languages. The card stock is a well chosen thickness, making the deck not too thick, or unable to handle for those who may have smaller hands. It shuffles in a graceful, and smooth manner, even without adding any shuffling powder to the cards!

If you'd like to get your hands on this deck, I'll attach a link below. I highly recommend seeking out this deck if you are on the market for something new, and different for your business, or collection.


With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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