Growth & Courage - Antler - Hollow Valley - 12-21-2020

We all experience life differently, especially in the ways we are able to perceive, and understand not only our current situations, but also those that have come in the past, and those that have yet to come in our future. The way we process our past directly ties into how we handle our current situations, which helps us plan for the future. In a sense it can be looked at as the act of our Sub-conscious, transmuting to our Conscious, and ideally transmuting to our Super-Conscious.

The Antler is a symbol of time passing each year. A direct sign that everything in our lives begins small, and feeble, yet through the seasons the Antlers grow, they develop new points, and end their cycle by being shed by the Deer. As a symbol of patience, the Deer is a reminder that we all need to spend time looking at the experiences we have gone through in our past, that have helped shape us as we are today. Your greatest asset is your perception on those situations and experiences, which can also be a double edged sword. Do you want to play with a Victim Mentality, or do you want to develop and harness a powerful growth mindset?

There is a unique wisdom in the experiences we have been through so far in our lives, and yes, unfortunately even the trauma/abuse, much like myself, can be looked upon to help us understand things such as our Inner Strength, the ability to survive through things you did not deserve, and how they helped you become the powerhouse that you are today. Your greatest strength is what is already there inside you, however it is up to you to whether you harness & conquer that. Look upon those experience's, and embrace the wisdom they have sometimes unknowingly taught you. You are growing, and changing, give yourself the same kindness and acceptance that you would give to others.

Conquering your past will help you in your present, and allow you to charge through anything that may come in your future.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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