Choppy Waters & Kraken Attacks - Nine of Cups - Spirit Tarot - 1-10-2021

With our progress through this month, maintaining focus on the goals you have been building up is key to your own sense of inner happiness. You are creating such wonderful prospects for your future, and that should be both recognized and appreciated.

Often in times when we are so focused and goal oriented we ourselves lose track, which can be because of so many sources, including those from the outside. What I mean by that is sometimes other people do not understand the current trajectory that is being pursued. In some cases those outside sources may lash out, they may belittle you or your ambitions, your outlook, and even the path itself. What you do is not meant for everyone else, and that is what the Nine of Cups is here to tell us today from the Spirit Halloween Tarot Deck.

It can be difficult to remained focused on what we want in these times, because much like the sailors aboard the ship, which is being ravaged by the legendary Kraken, others may lash out in their own ways and not even potentially realize their own actions.

When you can build your own solid foundation and structure, alongside understanding and being able to access the resources you already have available to you, you can rebuild yourself back into an even stronger ship than before. The ship that get's rebuilt is the ship that has better defenses, traverses the choppy waters more smoothly. Also remember that those working aboard said ship have a better understanding on how to handle the experiences that had happened in the past, if they come up again in the future.

Staying afloat is much easier aid than done, especially when we feel attacked, but you CAN do this. Your goals, and ambitions are so important, and are a great focus for you to continue to pursue. Just make sure you are not playing the role of the Kraken so you do not end up self sabotaging your own efforts. If a mast breaks in the heavy winds, look at why it broke, and what you can do to repair it that way you can once again continue to sail ahead. if nobody has said it today, I am proud of you and all the work you put into your life!

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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