Approaching Propositions - Knight of Cups - RWS 2-17-2021

Todays card is the Knight of Cups from the original Rider Waite-Smith Deck from publisher U.S Games Systems Inc.

Knight of Cups is a tie in from yesterday, that as we begin to listen to our gut instincts, and inner teacher, we will find ourselves quickly approaching new opportunities and propositions. Others can offer you advice, however you are the one who ultimately will know what is best for you to undertake as you continue to shift your focus onto your priorities. The more you decide to trust in yourself, the quieter, and more smooth the ride will be for you as you advance through your goals.

Don't lose track if things seem to be coming and going, especially in cases of emotion and perceptions. That just shows you are handling the things life is bringing to you in a timely and responsible manner, and for that you should give yourself a pat on the back. Obstacles, or challenges will till continue to present themselves; some more challenging than others. Don't let that determine how you charge ahead though. Your demeanor is going to shine through in ways that you could not originally even imagine, which will show others how much you should be taken seriously, as well as potentially give them determination as well!

More people are noticing your efforts than you may see at this current moment in time, so keep your head held high, and you will continue to prosper. Ignore the incitement that may be insinuated from others, especially if it feels as if they are just poking a sleeping bear per say. Remain focused, work on your priorities, and show instead of tell. Your actions will speak louder than any words you could ever say. Keep up the great work, you are certainly deserving of it, and that is exactly what the Knight of Cups is here to say.

With Cosmic Love,

Reverend Damion

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