2021 - A Year of Metamorphosis

2020, for everyone, has been an extensively difficult year due to so many outside forces we are unable to control. People are experiencing financial devastation, hunger, isolation, and that is not even beginning to touch the surface of the impact that Covid-19 has/is still readily having. If you're anything like me, even beyond being an Empath, being in an environment that has not proven conducive to our overall health for Mind, Body & Spirit is almost soul crushing. I'm here to tell you there is hope!

I LOVE astrological yearly planners with the way they deliver information on the astrological signs, moon phases, natal charts, houses and so much more! They are an amazing way to dive deep into the Manifestations, Goals, Intentions and other aspects of life all while keeping yourself organized day to day. What's not to love! My favorite is the astrological planner Magic of I, a beautifully bound, and crafted planner chocked FULL of information that can help even the newest of people interested.

December is obviously our last month of 2020, which means this is the perfect time to grab a planner for 2021, and start honing in on the best ways to revive the Spark of Life that we all so desperately want back! Personally, I find that having the ability to write down my goals, my intentions, the things I'd like to manifest into my life, alongside other areas of life and spirituality that allow me to blossom, and grow once more are crucial. This gives us a chance to sit down, and focus on what we really find is going to be important to our success, as well as what we should be redirecting energy away from. This is also a great time to evaluate our habits we may have picked up throughout this year, especially if we feel we have become stagnant, or energetically closed off.

Spend the moments you do this in solidarity with yourself, think about WHERE you invest your energy, HOW you are investing your energy, and WHY you choose to invest it in this way. Is it an equal, balanced exchange of energy, or at the very least given reciprocation? Are you investing in another person, place, or situation that is respecting what you are choosing to give? You are in charge of the investments you make in life. Being able to separate the beneficial relationships in your life from the one's only looking to take will prove to be crucial for how you decide to carry yourself through 2021.

Take a deep breath! You can do this!

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