Welcome to The Coven of Cosmic Redemption!

Owner & Founder Reverend Damion is proud to be a part of a spiritual community that focuses on providing healing, education and providing a deeper understanding to those seeking growth in both their spiritual lives, and magical practices.

Growing up around multiple generations of Psychic Mediums, Reiki Masters, and Tarot Readers; those life long experiences have led him onto the path of empowerment that he is on today.  Reverend Damion is now working as a third generation Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Educator, Tarot & Divination Specialist, Psychopomp, Cosmic Witch, Dream Interpreter, and creator of luxury, hand crafted products. 

Reverend Damion's goal is to help provide others with the opportunity to experience not only how much spirituality can change one's life for the better, but to also help others succeed and overcome the obstacles & challenges that may be faced in life.

The Coven of Cosmic Redemption believes that through helping facilitate healing to the Mind, Body and Spirit, we can help create a brighter, happier world.  The Coven of Cosmic Redemption also welcomes everyone, seeking to provide a safe space for any gender, age, religion, sexuality, race, or disability.